Wednesday, September 12, 2012

buKSA Featured on Bostinno

Bostinno recently featured our buKSA Spring 2012 eBoard video in an article titled "Berklee Alum’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Sparks Awkward Dartmouth & Boston University Parody Videos". Although Bostinno writes that we were awkward (which is true) at least they added that we were "a lot less awkward than Dartmouth's" - which is all we wanted to hear! A special congrats to everyone on the e-board and a special thank you to Cheryn Park who filmed and edited the entire video.

Quick news from our 9/10 newsletter in case you missed it:

Upcoming Events
  • Sept. 15 : Freshmen BBQ
  • Sept. 16 : DHOUN Speed 
  • Sept. 19: Freshmen Rep Elections
  • Oct. 5 – 6: KSA Retreat 

KSA Retreat Prices
The earlier you sign-up, the less you play!
Please contact our treasurer, Daniel Han, to give him your payment.
  • Sept. 16 - $35
  • Sept. 23 - $40 
  • Sept. 30 - $45
  • Oct. 4 - $50

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