Monday, September 16, 2013


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Friday, April 26, 2013


BU KSA would like to present our last event of the year, POJANGMACHA NIGHT!

♦ Come out this Sunday to be a part of this year's last event by enjoying good food with good company! There will be all sorts of food this year...
김밥 (Sushi Rolls)
파전 & 김치파전 (Korean Pancakes & Kimchi Pancakes)
만두 (Dumpling)
닭강정 (Sweet & Sour Chicken)
떡볶이 (Spicy Rice Cakes)

♦ ONLY $2 for an amazing, authentic, and filling Korean meal!
*******Also, if you have been meaning to grab a KSA shirt, this is your last chance! Just pay $5 and you'll get a shirt AND a meal!

♦ There will be an end of the year slideshow and an introduction of the next year's E-Board so come out and support your fellow KSAers!

♦ SOOOO...don't miss out on this final event where we'll all be together as KSA for the last time this year!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Network Event Cancelled

Boston is currently in lockdown while the police are in search of the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect still at large. In the wake of these recent events, the Networking Event has been canceled. For our friends in Boston, please stay safe and indoors!

Monday, April 8, 2013

BU KSA Networking Event


BU KSA has invited fellow BU alums to comeback and talk about their lives after college, current occupations and what they've been up to. Feel free to come with questions! This is a great opportunity to learn more about specific jobs and for some networking! 

*WHO: Everyone and anyone who has interest in: 
-Public Relations


*WHEN: April 20th, Saturday @ 4:30 p.m.


-PLEASE RSVP RSVP RSVP, if you plan on attending!
-This event is BUSINESS CASUAL, so come dressed accordingly!
-Refreshments and snacks will be served! c:


Boston University KSA Position Descriptions

Previous relevant college leadership experience required. The Co-President is responsible for the overall club direction and management. He/she provides leadership for the group and executive board. She/he should execute their goals with confidence and precision. Qualifications include an outgoing personality, excellent communication skills, strong leadership qualities, organizational skills, management skills, and most importantly, a passion to make a difference in BU KSA. The Co-President will need to know how to delegate tasks well, handle various situations calmly and needs to prepare for weekly e-board meetings. He/she must guide the other officers in the commission of their duties and represent the club at all events. As the face of the organization, the President must always be cautious of their actions and must go out of their way to reach out to and keep good relations with other members, organizations, and outside sources. He/she must be willing to sacrifice and devote his/her own personal time for the betterment of the organization. He/she should become familiar with the SAO (Student Activity Office) to help with paperwork and should be in constant communication with the Vice President, as well as the rest of the e-board and committees. There is a high level of commitment for this position.

Previous relevant college leadership experience required. The role of the vice president is almost, if not
as important as the president’s. The VP should know everything that the president knows and should be able to take charge if given the task. He/she should communicate constantly with the president and assist him/her to thoroughly execute tasks and events. The VP will also be in communication with the rest of the e-board as well. He/she should also become familiar with the SAO to do paperwork. Each year, the specific responsibilities of the vice president will differ so he/she must be flexible. Being a BKIC representative is preferred. There is a high level of commitment for this position.

The Secretary is in charge of many computer tasks. Fast typing is a plus. Duties include writing the
"minutes" promptly after the E-Board meeting. Thus it is imperative that the secretary is present at all E-Board meetings. He/she is in charge of the weekly undergraduate newsletter, which they must compose and send out via e-mail. Newsletter outlines have generally been KSA News (upcoming events), Class News (class events), World News, and Entertainment news (researched by secretary). Though, the secretary can be creative with how they want to format the newsletter. Also, the secretary is in charge of the BU KSA email account and needs to constantly check it daily, email people back promptly, and filter all the emails into their appropriate labels and keep the email organized. He/she must be organized, timely, and detailed. The secretary will also be responsible for recruiting and writing up the alumni newsletter and figuring out better ways to stay connected with them and encouraging donations. The secretary will need to find an efficient way to get contact info from alum to update them on the club’s status. For this particular task, the secretary may work with the PR Chair in drafting up the newsletters and stay connected with alumni and other relevant groups.

The Treasurer's main task is to maintain the budget of the club by keeping a detailed record of the
balance and all transactions for any event at all times. The treasurer will need to handle most of the paperwork at SAO, which includes reimbursements, check requests, and purchase orders. This position requires close connection with the Student Activities Office and club advisor to ensure the integrity of all the club's records. Therefore, the treasurer must have good money management skills. However, the BU KSA Treasurer is expected to go above and beyond the stereotype of this position, as the success of the club is dependent on all of its E-Board members and their equal participation. The Treasurer, if unfamiliar with the ins and outs of SAO, will need to be trained beforehand by the current e-board member.

A prerequisite for this position is the knowledge of HTML, Photoshop, and website coding. You are also in charge of recording events through photography. It would help if you had skills with working with websites. The Media Chair will be responsible for photography, videography, website maintenance, as well as graphic design for various KSA events. This position will work closely with the PR Chair in online marketing campaigns as well as with the Secretary in assistance of creating an aesthetically pleasing newsletter format. Main tasks include capturing events through photo or video, editing photos and footage, creating designs for posters and flyers, and reformatting the website.

A requirement of the Social Chair is to be proficient in Korean. Social Chair is responsible for
maintaining relations with the outside college community and reaching out to the BU community. He/she will be responsible for organizing collaboration with people outside of BU KSA, such as the Boston Korean Consulate. One of the other main tasks for the Social Chair is to plan for and organize the annual culture show. This entails scheduling practices, reserving rooms, doing paperwork, finding sponsors, and overseeing the production. The Public Relations side of this position demands for marketing and advertising of events.

The PR Chair will be in charge of the marketing/advertising team. On Facebook, they will be
responsible for taking care of and updating the group, creating events, and messaging members with
information. PR Chair will also be working with the Secretary with the alumni newsletters. This position is not necessarily in charge of the design of flyers (media team), but spreading the word through online marketing or other strategies.

This position is the newest that KSA has to offer. The Representative Director is in charge of all the reps. He/she will attend regular e-board meetings as well as lead meetings for the reps and help make administrative decisions for their class events. One of the main focuses is figuring out and executing a family system at the beginning of the year. This will include all classes but focus on freshmen. The Rep Director is the link between the upper e-board and the reps and must relay messages and have good communication with both sides. He/she must be outgoing, have good organizational skills and be available to help brainstorm with the class reps.

CLASS REPRESENTATIVES (1 Senior, 1 Junior, 2 Sophomore, 2 Freshmen)
The Class Representatives are responsible for coordinating and planning events
for their particular class. The class representatives are the link between BU KSA Executive Board and their class members. They must keep a close relationship with other BU KSA class members and keep them informed about BU KSA events as well as recruit more members by spreading word. Their job is to form a community among their own class and bring them closer to each other. Other duties include contributing to the BU KSA organization as a whole, and during Culture Show they are expected to step up and take on administrative responsibilities for different acts in the show. Reps should be outgoing and able to be flexible with tasks. Two class events per semester are recommended.