eBoard Positions


  • Responsible for the overall club direction and management
  • Display a passion to make a difference in buKSA and execute accordingly by delegating tasks well, handle various situations calmly and prepare for weekly eboard meetings
  • Guide the other officers in the commission of their duties and represent the club at all events
  • As the face of the organization, must always be cautious of their actions and go out of their way to reach out to and keep good relations with other members, organizations, and outside sources
  • Willing to sacrifice and devote their own personal time for the betterment of the organization.
  • Become familiar with the SAO (student activity office) to help with paperwork
  • Must be in constant communication with the Vice President, as well as the rest of the eboard and committees to make sure that they are aware of what is going on.


  • Must know everything that the co-presidents know and should be able to take charge if given the task.
  • Communicate constantly with the co-presidents and the rest of e-board and assist them to thoroughly execute tasks and events
  • Keep in check with individual e-board members' tasks and responsibilities, making sure e-board members complete deadlines and delegate tasks
  • Be familiar with the SAO to do paperwork


  • Take notes at our meetings, write down the minutes promptly after each E-Board meeting and send it out to all the members
  • In charge of the weekly undergraduate newsletters to be emailed out to all members.
  • Must be creative and make the newsletters and emails interesting to read while maintaining the professionalism throughout
  • Note: newsletter outlines have generally been KSA News (upcoming events), Class News (class events), World News, and Entertainment news (researched by secretary).
  • In charge of the buKSA email account and needs to constantly check it daily, email people back promptly, and filter all the emails into their appropriate labels and keep the email organized
  • Notify the co-presidents of any important matters - Goal: keep our KSA members updated through fun emails


  • Needs to handle most of the paperwork at SAO and SABO, which includes reimbursements, on campus event forms, check requests, and purchase orders
  • Work with Social chair to find sponsors
  • Host fundraising events
  • Goal: maintain the budget of the club by keeping a detailed record of the balance and all transactions for any event at all times


  • In charge of maintaining and regularly updating our website
  • Record events through photograph, videos, etc.
  • Make our fliers, advertisements,e-board videos, promotional videos and any other videos needed
  • Design a layout for our monthly alumni newsletters
  • Goal: put everything online for the members' viewing pleasure


  • Collaborate with people outside of buKSA, such as the Boston Korean counsel man, potential sponsors, BUKSA's at other universities near us
  • Plan for and organize the annual culture show: find sponsors, organizations who would like to donate, find rental places for hanboks and other costumes we do not have, and oversee the overall production
  • Goal: build stronger relations with our community, sponsors, etc.


  • Advertise via facebook, twitter, other social medias
  • Update the group, create events, and message members with information
  • Create monthly alumni newsletters; get the content for the newsletter, while it is the webmaster's job to make the actual design of the newsletter.
  • Goal: show our members, our community and our friends how active we are, what we plan to do, what we are doing, etc.


  • Organize & regulate DHOUN
  • Talk to your classmates, find out what they expect from KSA, what they would like to see/participate in
  • Branch out of your typical group of friends; be friendly to everyone
  • Coordinate and plan events for their particular class
  • Link between buKSA Executive Board and their class members
  • Keep a close relationship with other buKSA class members and keep them informed about buKSA events as well as interest more members by spreading word
  • Maintain facebook groups with constant updates, messages, etc.
  • Email a description of each event held and always always take pictures for records and our alumni newsletters
  • Goal: to form a community among their own class and bring them closer to each other.
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